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                      Analysis and solution of common problems in fire protection engineering

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                        According to the Ministry of Construction issued the "fire facilities engineering contractor qualification standards", construction companies generally only undertake professional fire alarm systems, emergency broadcast system, sprinkler system, fire hydrant and gas installation. Fire engineering construction enterprises should, and must cultivate the whole disaster prevention system with the ability to integrate complex talents. The main technology of fire protection engineering construction enterprises responsible person responsible for not only to understand the fire appliances, should also understand the fire water, gas, wind; fire protection engineering construction enterprises, to undertake fire engineering, construction and design units to assist, to improve the original design drawings, especially anti smoke pressurization, accident switching power supply. Emergency broadcast, elevator landing, fire zoning and other parts of the design to meet the "fire standards" architectural design and fire protection design standard. 

                        Fire fighting system is divided into the following systems and their products 

                        Alarm system: smoke, temperature, gas, and water refers to the probe at the hand, pressure switch, fire hydrant etc. 

                        Evacuation subsystem: Radio, sound and light alarm, send / exhaust (valve / machine), evacuation lights / elevator landing door, etc. 

                        Isolation subsystem: fire shutter doors, fire shower valve, valve, non fire power, air conditioning etc. 

                        Fire fighting system: fire pumps, sprinkler pump, rain system and gas fire extinguishing system 

                        Other related systems: air conditioning fan, closed-circuit camera monitoring, garage control, etc. 

                        But in the fire fighting equipment, although all tested into the market, there are also in the process of engineering applications exposed product standards, testing center of division of cohesion between manufacturers, from imperfect design of deep-seated problems such as: pressure switch alarm valve water spray system, just throw in a 100 mm long two strands of flexible cord. Construction and installation in how to ensure the reliable connection, manufacturers do not consider the difference of the fire valve; the stroke switch point selected, not only the lack of a group of 24 volts relay isolation, often cause insulation breakdown, burning fire control system; control box for electric fire shutter doors, but can not meet the basic requirements of manufacturing specification GB7251. The cable is not reasonable, crimp is not standardized, and set in the ceiling maintenance inconvenience, extremely easy to cause the system debugging process is not stable. 

                        一、Indoor fire water supply problems 

                        1、Fire water supply pipe network pressure test deviation from the construction of the program and the standard pipe network pressure test is generally divided into two aspects of strength test and test leakage repair. The strength test is divided into two stages, the working pressure and the test pressure, while the leakage test is carried out under the condition of normal pressure or slight pressure. 

                        2、In individual projects does not regulate the use of fire materials in some remote cities and counties, composite plastic water supply pipe is often used in fire water supply pipeline. In this case, once the plastic pipe under high temperature strength decreases, easy to cause the fire, resulting in pipeline damage. It must not be used for fire water supply plastic pipe in the fire water supply system, should be used in accordance with the specification requirements of steel pipe fire. 

                        3、The main pump switching control cabinet does not provide pump switching function or switching function can not be achieved, resulting in unnecessary trouble 

                        4、The fire hydrant button start the pump to the pressure drop too much and not to start the pump 

                        5、The pressure switch in the spray system should be started directly.

                        6、When the pump motor more than 11kW, should be used to start the buck mode. 

                        7、Fire pump room, should be set up export, fire door. 

                        8、Deluge valve, pre action valve with interlock alarm detector should be started, the regional fire alarm linkage confirmation or two. The pressure switch should be connected to the pump control cabinet to start the pump directly. 

                        9、Signal butterfly valve should be installed before flow indicator. Water indicator and signal butterfly valve feedback signal should be connected to the alarm controller. 

                        10、Terminal water testing device outlet access drain pipe. 

                        11、The specification of the sprinkler head in the kitchen should adopt 93 degree spray head. Nominal operating temperature of the closed nozzle should be higher than the ambient temperature 30 degrees C. 

                        12、Water hydrant box should use the hook type. 

                        13、Hydrant mouth pressure should not be greater than 0.50Mpa; when the water pressure in the mouth of the bolt is greater than 0.7Mpa, must set up relief measures. 

                        14、Check whether the valve is open. 

                        15、The drain of the test valve is connected to the drain or outside. 

                        二、Common problems of fire gas system 

                        1、Can not provide the gas pipeline pressure test data, can not provide specific when the pressure test? Who is pressure test personnel? 

                        2、Sound and light alarm when debugging does not move, the alarm point can not be printed, the rectification can not be used when the standby battery printing, are not aware of the product. 

                        3、The doors and windows of the protective area are only general materials and glass. It is found that the problem is late in the process of debugging and acceptance.  

                        4、Gas storage room and distribution room is prohibited 。

                        三、Indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system problems 

                        1、The construction and installation of indoor fire hydrant pressure does not meet the requirements of specification is a hole in the wall in the upper hydrant box is not set in the lintel, under heavy load, the deformation of the door led to the switch failure; wall and bolt opening direction of the water can not be set fire hydrant and vertical; then, for some of the buildings; large area, structure and function of complex structures, in order to enhance the water supply reliability and stability of this kind of building fire water supply, should meet the most unfavorable point fire hydrant water requirements at the same time, should also be the second worst point of the fire hydrant water requirements. 

                        2、Underground water pump adapter and underground outdoor fire hydrant installation, the drain valve is installed in the local permafrost below and outdoor hydrant body. There is a result of the construction personnel negligence, the underground water pump adapter "and" underground outdoor fire hydrant "different facilities instead installed or installed repeatedly to have serious consequences. 

                        3、In the second renovation, fire hydrant box cover, with the surrounding color box door decoration color no difference; fire hose interface and the interface is not installed at butting, so that the circlip, hose off. 

                        四、Fire alarm system 

                        1、The installation of the probe warning lamp should be oriented to the main entrance 

                        2、Alarm controller is still using the power outlet and leakage protector, should be directly into the fire power supply. 

                        3、The grounding of the alarm system does not meet the requirements of the standard installation of grounding wire. 

                        4、Lift linkage landing not mistaken for debugging, can debug module in place. The report of the fire protection is to provide the data for the overall acceptance of the fire protection project. Only the fire alarm linkage equipment in the project can run out after the normal operation of the equipment. 

                        5、Start the positive pressure fan, exhaust fan linkage of individual sites without debugging. In particular, fire dampers, smoke exhaust linkage, reset are not in place. 

                        7、Fire alarm, radio, sound and light alarm before the installation of line inspection is not in place. A low-level error that causes an individual point to fail to issue a correct warning. 

                        8、Probe, alarm, manual alarm installation is not strong, loose phenomenon, and even some probe a touch will fall to the ground. 

                        Construction quality responsibility 

                        In the reconstruction of large and medium sized cities, the fire engineering has become one of the most basic elements of the construction project, and the quality responsibility has to be paid great attention. 2011 release of the "Fire Law" clearly provides for the implementation of fire prevention and supervision of professional fire. This is the responsibility of fire engineering enterprises. 

                        First of all, the fire protection design and construction units should be the design of fire protection engineering with the corresponding qualification grade and corresponding qualifications; design units to gradually implement the design quality lifelong responsibility system, to change the construction of the trial mode of the existing fire departments, to focus on the audit supervision of fire; fire and construction enterprises responsibility first, with a lifelong responsibility to control the management and construction personnel strictly according to the drawings, according to the standard construction. 

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                      Analysis and solution of common problems in fire protection engineering

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